IMERGE RECORDS represents the idea, freedom, the will to change, to win and, above all, to live life.
We want you to feel within our family, share your desires, conquer your dreams ... always, with us !!
Without a doubt, we all need to feel the euphoria again, which in other times, accompanied many and helped this revolution in music…
All music, influences trends, is the soundtrack of our films, series, games, celebrations, friendships, dances, exercises, it is the rhythm of our daily lives, our identification with the genres ... in short, it is the vibe that move !!!
We need more ... new experiences, vibrations ... to know the immensity of cultures and experiences that this world presents us ... To leave the static, dark and cold world and to glimpse friendships, colors, sounds, energy and the senses that consciousness has long tried to hide within our dreams.

Let's break the ice !  Let's IMERGE !!
Welcome to IMERGE TRIBE !!!
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