About Us

The idea of ​​creating IMERGE Records, arises from the need of its two founders, to respond to the appeal of their common passion for music and, to use, with their energy, the skills, ambitions, charisma, unanimously, to risk everything and enter in the great scenario of the music industry, even considering the difficult situation with the spread of the new pandemic.

The vision of a luxurious lifestyle, parties full of glamor and mind-blowing rhythms created their fantasies. Furthermore, ingenuity, creativity, energy and necessity, provoked the “chain impulse” that passed, from what would be parallel dreams, of two different lives, to the shared reality that engage those same dreams in a meeting of coffee, and at that moment they started the solid friendship between the two and started to build the bases to build the identity and concept of the brand.

The aim of IMERGE Records is to be the reference brand for the Dance Music market like an independent record label. Having a strong concept in the organization, consecrating all stages in the aforementioned objective, from orientation in creativity, to the distribution and promotion of the product.

It is this new vision that moves and generates all the potential of the brand, in a new horizon of the music industry, overcoming barriers and limits through creativity, communication, empathy, its ambitious team will feed future fans to form the largest tribe on the planet.

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